Apr 28

Anabolic steroids are artificial version of testosterone hormone which is known to bring out the male sexual characters; muscles but to name one. Anabolism or anabolic means to build and so rightly people take anabolic steroids in their quest to build their muscles faster. Little do they care about the other effects that the steroids can cause to their body and brain when they start using the steroids. They cause serious changes in the body and the brain when taken for long term to increase a person’s risk for illnesses and mood changes.

Most people know very little when it comes to the usage of steroid and the most common of them is that steroids are performance aids. “Little knowledge could be very dangerous”- it is so true when it comes to steroid consumption, people are less aware of the devastating effects it has on the brain, besides on the body. Quite complacent to know about the few benefits of the steroids, people continue to abuse them.

Yes, the steroids have a prominent role to play in the use of asthma inhalers, creams for eczema and they are good anti-inflammatory drugs. Basically they are used to reduce inflammation and symptoms of other diseases. But what most of us do not know is that using steroids extensively definitely has a huge impact on the body and brain, which are both negative and positive.

Steroid abuse is the min cause of concern. Research indicates that 2.5% of students in the US have consumed illegal steroid at some point in their life. Steroid abusers most commonly report symptoms related to the brain such as euphoria, delusions, mood swings, aggressive behavior, insomnia, paranoia loss of touch and reality are the most common complaints.

The portion of the brain that influences a person’s moods is also involved in his learning and memory; this part of the brain is known as limbic system. Steroids directly attack a person’s limbic system. In various scientific studies the steroid consumed animals have shown impaired learning and memory. Not to mention their affect on mood and feelings of depression and irritability. Steroids trigger aggressive behavior and at times the outbursts are so severe that they are known to be “roid rages”. Steroids could miss monthly period in girls by acting on hypothalamus and reproductive organs and even disrupt normal production/functioning of hormones.

On a positive side the steroids work dramatically in brain tumour patients. Basically, steroids reduce swelling caused by tumor and reverse the symptoms. So steroids produce effects that could range from pain relievers to mood elevators. The catch here is any drug used for containing an ailment if used in recommended doses will work wonders and if the same is abused will have deleterious effects on a person’s overall health.

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You are now aware of the steroids effects on brain. With the recommended dosage, the health benefits you achieve with steroids could be amazing and with the correct dosage you could go on to reach your therapy goals. To learn more about good and bad steroids effects please feel free to visit the website: http://steroids-effects.com/

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