Jul 27

Steroids are of many times but the most popular and the most commonly used steroid in the world is the anabolic steroids. In medical terms it is the synthetic derivative of the male testosterone hormone. Its basic purpose is to enhance the body muscles and enhance body performance. This is mostly used by body builders in order to enhance their muscle strength. There are positive as well as negative side effects of steroids. Men are the main consumers of anabolic steroids however; women also use these steroids and are also affected by it.
When it comes to women, one thing must be understood. Women do not have testosterone hormone in their body but can only get it through anabolic steroids. Their bodies can easily cope without it and maintain a modest shape and since, most women do not need to be overtly strong so as to dig up grounds or lift any heavy thing, their muscle strength isn’t a necessity. However, some women who have either gone through the trauma of facing male aggression or go through the mental disorder of Dysmorphia do use the anabolic steroids.
Let’s first look at the positive effects of steroids in women. The basic advantage that a woman can gain by taking steroids is to gain self esteem and to remain confident while moving with the males that they can’t even dare to come near her without her permission. It also gives them a sense of empowerment which makes them stand out among other women.
However, it is true that the disadvantages and side effects of steroids in women truly outweigh their advantages. The basic con of steroids in women has to be its physical side effects. Women can always be distinguished from men for their slim and smart figures and completely clear faces without any excessive hair on their faces while having long silky hair over their heads. These features easily distinguish men from women by appearance and when a woman uses steroids, slowly but surely they start acquiring masculine features. Excessive hair growth on their face and other parts of the body, thinning of scalp hair and the shrinking of their breasts are common and visible side effects of steroids usage. Not only this, but their body becomes macho like while the curves which make women attractive get lost. All these changes affect the women’s physical features and make them lose their feminine charm and beauty and make them a complex creature which has neither all the female nor male characteristics.
It is important to note that one abnormality leads to other and it is these changes in the physical portion of a woman which affects her thinking and emotional characteristics and features. Women are commonly thought to be very emotional who rather get sad than angry when the going gets tough, who are more caring about children rather than to get irritated by their merry ways. All such features are most commonly found in men but these get grown among women who use steroids. This creates a situation so complex for any woman that she gets into depression, is attacked by panic attacks, gets anxious very quickly, becomes unpopular among her friends while feels detached from the whole community as a result and feels lonely most of the times. This leads her to confusion about what is right and what is wrong and she starts to lose belief in her abilities to decide what’s right and what’s wrong for herself.
It can also not be denied that these steroids also disrupt the immunity system of women and they start getting attacked by different diseases as well. The side effects of steroids range from skin infections to HIV and liver cancer which are fatal diseases.
Thus, for any woman who does not use steroids must never think of using them even in her dreams while any woman who has used steroids in the past must look for ways to undo the side effects. The side effects can range from being temporary which fly away as soon as the drug gets discontinued while some continue on for which, a doctor’s help is necessary so that he can evaluate the situation before prescribing the right kind of medicines to undo the side effects of steroids in women.

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