Jun 08

Steroid is a drug which is used as the replacement of human hormone testosterone, this drug is abused today because those that use it have failed to understand or even consider the side effect on the body. Steroids are called muscle builders, stackers, or juice, on the street and are prohibited without a certified prescription from a medical doctor. Steroids are taken for different reasons; as muscle building therapy, or stamina gaining, good body, lean muscle presentation all of which do not withstand the negative side effects. The drug is seen in tablets, pills, injection forms, cream and patches which make it convenient for use and abuse. The availability by different manufacturers and its continual praise by users make it difficult to eliminate. The drug which steroids mimic its action is testosterone a sex hormone which is responsible for growth of the sex organs in the fetus and for completion into puberty. In the fetus testosterone help in the growth and maturation of the testicles in male and the growth of the clitoris in the female and this effect is necessary for the proper and complete function of the grown human.
Steroids in women especially pregnant women pose a lot of threat both to the woman and her unborn child. This is true because normally a pregnant woman is immune-suppressed and use of steroid increases her risk of infection especially if she goes for injection means of administration. The side effects of steroids are thus very evident in the pregnant woman and every pregnant woman should strictly avoid this complication to her life and that of her baby.
The side effect of steroid on the fetus (unborn child) is one that will lead to stunted growth and lack of proper formation of the organs of the body; such children tend to have stunted growth and congenital malformations. The steroid intake signals to the brain to stop the production of the natural testosterone which is meant for the growth of the baby and this stops the further growth of the child and therefore the general growth is stopped. Which mother wants to have a baby with congenital issues? If you are in a place to keep your child healthy from birth, then it should be your only option, you don’t want to have a child with congenital problems knowing you could have been able to avoid it.
It is known that the pregnant woman needs all the vitamin and nutrients she can get, for the health of both her and her unborn child, but the effect of steroids which is to cause hormonal imbalance leaves both of them at a great risk to fight for their well being. The hormonal imbalance here can lead to the child having diabetes and this is a lifelong disease for some people.
If steroid in a non- pregnant woman causes hypertension it means in a pregnant woman when this hypertension occurs it can lead to preeclampsia and this situation is dangerous both to mother and child this is a severe condition that doctors usually handle with much care because the life of mother and child is at risk.
The side effect of steroid can also lead to kidney problems which will affect the child’s metabolic rate as well causing problems with the entire system of the fetus.
Aggression, mood swings and depression are side effects of steroids. Basically pregnant women have these emotions which are not healthy for the fetus, but when they are from side effects of a drug they cannot be avoided and poses a dangerous and harmful condition for a growing child. The emotions of the mother during pregnancy are said to be imbibed by the fetus when the child is born. This is one reason why psychologists tell expecting mothers to speak to the child in the womb with endearing words and happily, saying it affects the proper growth of the child.
Pregnant women should never consider taking steroid in any case; this drug is contraindicated to the well being of them and their child. The side effects of steroids are severe to any woman more so to a pregnant woman. You should consider the smile of an healthy child in your arms and the joy that gives. That beautiful smile will keep you away from any form of drug abuse.

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